XMMS-Solaris TODO list


  • Try to optimise code
  • Make the behaviour on a busy audio device configurable (ie, wait until free or simply bomb out).
  • Possibly add audioamd(7d) support; this card only uses 8KHz, mono 8 bit a-law or mu-law samples, so it may use prohibitively large amounts of CPU time to perform the translations.
  • I've had reports of weirdness in Solaris 8, possibly due to the new mixer stuff; this is currently not reproducable and also seems to affect other audio apps. If anyone can supply a fix, I'd be grateful.
  • Fix .wav playing; certainly, 8 bit mono wav's don't play right.
  • Add conversion routines for 22kHz stereo files on the sbpro driver; probably not too urgent as it's not a great card and isn't really available any more and mpg123 can downsample to 22kHz if need be.

File last modified: Saturday, 06-Mar-2004 14:12:08 GMT