XMMS-Solaris requirements

There are only a few requirements to get XMMS and the plugin working under Solaris:

  • A Solaris installation with X installed (CDE or OpenWindows are fine). Any End-User install should have the correct files, although you might need the Developer install to get some of the compiler tools if you are compiling from source. I'm not sure what the minimum version of Solaris is required, but it should work with at least versions 2.5 and later.
  • A sound card supported under Solaris. On Sparc systems, this is the CS-4231 found in SS4's, SS5's and Ultra based computers and the DBRI ISDN output devices. On intel Solaris, support is limited to Sound Blaster devices (include SB Pro and AWE 32/64 cards). You can get an unsupported driver for the SB PCI64/128 cards from http://www.tools.de/solaris/sbpci/. The AMD device found in some older hardware is not supported as it only operates at 8Hz using a-law or mu-law encoding, not PCM which XMMS uses.
  • If you want to compile from source, a working C compiler. Recent(-ish) versions of gcc work fine; you can download a precompiled version from the Sun freeware site. Sun's workshop compiler does not (as yet) work correctly. However, this should be fixed in future versions of the plugin. Other compilers are unsupported, but may work.
  • GLIB/GTK version 1.2.? or newer; source for these can be downloaded from the GTK web site.
  • gzip to uncompress either the source tarballs or the binary packages. gzip comes with Solaris 8 or you can download a binary packages from Sun freeware
  • A reasonable amount of shared memory. I haven't enumerated the exact requirement, but the values in the FAQ have been adequate for me. Remember you must reboot for the changes to take effect.

File last modified: Saturday, 06-Mar-2004 14:12:10 GMT