XMMS-Solaris version history

Version history (changelog)

Date Version Notes
8th January 2001 0.6.4 Fix for SB PCI drivers.
12th December 2000 0.6.3 Finally fixed the endian issues; 0.6.2 wasn't a complete fix.
11th December 2000 0.6.2 Fix for endianess issues under sparc (present since 0.5.0)
23rd October 2000 0.6.1 Fix to allow compilation under versions of Solaris earlier than 8
19th October 2000 0.6.0 Fix for CD audio
14th June 2000 0.5.0 Support for XMMS 1.2.0; changed install method
10th May 2000 0.4.3 Added support for Sunray devices
6th March 2000 0.4.2 Patch from Santosh Salunkhe to fix effect plugins
11th February 2000 0.4.1
  • Fixes for 1.0.1
  • GL plugins compile
  • cd Input plugin compiles
31st January 2000 0.4
  • Changed free to g_free and malloc to g_malloc
  • Fixes for 1.0.0
17th December 1999 0.3.2
  • Fixed crash on busy audio device
  • Uses ctl devices for setting/reading volume if audio device isn't open
20th October 1999 0.3.1
  • Output/Solaris/Makefile now doesn't need GNU make
  • You should no longer need libtool, automake etc to make the package
  • The 16 bit -> 8 bit translation was broken; should now work
  • get_volume() uses O_WRONLY; this is in response to a problem with playing CD audio; I don't claim to understand why this works, but it is reported to give a better audio quality.
  • Added support for dbri devices (see man dbri(7d))
  • minor cosmetic changes in the code.
6th October 1999 0.3b
  • Fixed drop-off on volume when changing balance
  • Checks in for devices/capabilities
  • Updated to XMMS
  • Code in to translate 8=>16 bit and v.v.
20th August 1999 0.2.1a Update to work with CVS build of XMMS
14th July 1999 0.2.1 More updates from Julian Yip:
  • Fixes cut off at end of song
  • uses POSIX threads (like rest of XMMS)
  • some more code cleanup
8th July 1999 0.2.0 New audio.c file from Julian Yip fixing:
  • Analyzer now works after skips
  • track changes occur immediately
  • no clearing of buffer required after pause
  • removed race conditions
  • audio.c uses GNU coding standards
Modified other files to use GNU coding as well.
7th July 1999 0.1.4 Some code cleanups and optimisations
configure dialog now handles output device
5th July 1999 0.1.3 Fixed hang after pause (thanks to Santosh Salunkhe)
Code now aware of endianness (code requires serious testing!)
30th June 1999 0.1.2 Added O_NONBLOCK to flag error if device is busy
29th June 1999 0.1.1 Fixed problem in install path for libs
Uses AUDIODEV for audio device.
29th June 1999 0.1 Initial release for XMMS

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