Baby on board?

OK, something which I've wondered for a while; why do parent put those "baby on board" signs in the back of their cars? What are they supposed to achieve? "I was going to drive like a complete maniac and hug your bumper, but since you've got a baby I'd better drive sensibly." Can't see it happening myself... If there is some reason for these, I assume that all these parents dutifuly remove these signs from their cars when they're not transporting their sprogs, but am I living in cloud-coockoo land again in believing that?

Personally, the only reason I can see is some form of a signal to say "we've been able to procreate, look how good we are", but if you know any better, let me know.

Update: I've had two emails saying the same thing; basically it's there for the emergency services in case the miss small children after a car accident. That said, there's no corresponding requirement for the label to be removed when there isn't a child in the vehicle.

File last modified: Wednesday, 09-Jun-2004 18:25:32 BST