Single of which year?

A shorter rant, but one which I've been mouthing off about for a while, so I figured I'd share it with the world (if you really care...).

The Brit awards are now past and one of the nominations really wound me up (well, more so than usual). Nominated for "best British single" of the year are not one but two covers. We have:

  • Atomic Kitten with "The Tide is High": first released in 1980 by Blondie
  • Gareth Gates with "Unchained Melody": a song originally written for a film in 1955!
Why the hell are these old songs getting nominated? Is originality dead? Doesn't anyone write original music any more? Is the current state of the pop charts so bad that we have to go back over half a century to find good music? Thankfully, neither of these won and the prize went to Liberty "we are the Popstars losers" X (another rant for another time).

Luckily there are some artists who can put out some new music; Craig David, Ms Dynamite and Avril Lavigne to name but three. Out of those, I only like Avril Lavigne, but I can at least respect Craig David & Ms Dynamite for being able to write.

It wouldn't even be so bad if they were good covers, but it's painful listening to a song you like being massacred by some manufactured bunch of puppets. The latest travesty is Sugababes commiting an act of atrocity on Sting's "Shape". Is nothing sacred?

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