About me

I was born on the 16th of June, 1973 in Keith, a fairly small town in the North-East of Scotland which is about halfway between Aberdeen and Inverness. Both my parents are from nearby; my father still works the farm where he grew up and my mother is from Turriff, a nearby town.

I first went to Ordiquil primary school, then on to Keith Grammar School. Once finished there, I went on to study Accountancy at Aberdeen University. However, I didn't manage to get a job from my degree, despite having an honours degree. As a result, I ended up working in a pizza shop for a year full-time before deciding to start an MSc in Information Systems at Robert Gordon University.

After I finished my MSc, I ended up working at RGU in the School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences where I worked for over three and a half years. However, the lure of more money in the corporate environment drew me into a job at Shell Services International where I started work as a project engineer in March 2001. Shortly after, they were renamed to Shell Information Technology International (with an unfortunate acronym, especially if you include the 'h' from Shell!). Unfortunately, my contract ran out at the end of March 2003.

After a period of unemployment (one of the risks of contracting...) I finally got a job working at Scottish Water, the water agency for Scotland, merged from the old North, East and West authorities. For now, I'm still in Aberdeen, doing the commute to Dundee every day, which isn't so hot, but it's better than unemployment!

Apart from my history above, I also have a number of interests. You can also have a look at my CV online.

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